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Monitoring Citrix Presentation Server/XenApp load in Nagios

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I’m currently running two diffrent Citrix farms, one on Presentation Server 4, and one on XenApp 6.5. Since I’m currently in the process of moving from one farm to another, I have to have very good control over how many servers I have in each farm, to always have enough resources on both farms. I really love qfarm /load and use it all the time, but I needed to automate it with our monitoring solution Nagios/Icinga. To do this, I’ve created the following powershellscript to monitor my farms, and get to know whenever there are missing resources.



(Put in c:\program files\nsclient++\scripts\ )

# Copyright Lars Age Kamfjord 

# The latest version of this can be found on http://PLACEHOLDER.wpsho/2013/12/18/monitoring-citrix-presentation-serverxenapp-in-nagios/

$object = Get-WmiObject -Namespace "root\citrix" -Class MetaFrame_Server_LoadLevel | Select-Object LoadLevel
if($object.LoadLevel -ge 9000) {
 Write-Host "Error: Extremly high load: "$object.LoadLevel
 exit 2

ElseIf ($object.LoadLevel -gt 7500) {
 Write-Host "Warning: High load: "$object.LoadLevel
 exit 1

ElseIf($object.LoadLevel -lt 1) {
 Write-Host "Unknown: Server not in production?"$object.LoadLevel
 exit 3

else {
 Write-Host "OK: Load "$object.LoadLevel
 exit 0


(Add line in nsclient.ini under NRPE/external scripts)

check_citrix_load=cmd /c echo scripts\citrix_load.ps1; exit($lastexitcode) | powershell.exe -command -

nagios service-definition

define service {
use generic-service
hostgroups admnett-windows-terminal-servers
service_description Citrix Load
check_command check_nrpe!check_citrix_load
check_interval 5
max_check_attempts 3

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  1. Hello Lars,

    how i read you are working with citrix farms and customize your monitoring for Nagios.
    So i have a question… Do you monitor only the performance and capacity of your citrix farms?
    Currently i´m searching for a solution to monitor the availability of citrix applications by Nagios. There was a solutions with a perl-script named ‘’ but it´s out of date. Last years came new Xen versions, citrix recievers, etc… and so the ‘old’ script doesn´t work anymore.
    So i try to find people are working with citrix farms and their monitoring – especially Nagios. 🙂
    I think i´m not the only person in this universe who will monitor the applications of citrix farms 🙂

    best regards

    Marco M – Germany

    p.s. sorry for my bad english 😉

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