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Nagios plugin for DNS roundrobin checks

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We use DNS roundrobin to give students access to diffrent Windows terminal servers. One of the people in my department wrote a perlscript to check which servers are currently in production by checking what servers has a A-record in «tscluster.ped.local». I’ve rewritten parts of this small script to be able to use it as a Nagios plugin. No more problems with nobody actually fixing problems with servers after they have been taken out of production because of testing, reinstallation or errors.

check_dnscluster — download

These are the nagios configuration defintions I use:

define service {
use            generic-service
hostgroups        skole-windows-terminalserver-group
check_command        check_dnscluster!tscluster.ped.local!
service_description    Skole-WTS innmeldt i cluster
servicegroups           skole-tscluster-servicegroup
check_interval        30

define command {
#./ -s -A tscluster.ped.local -H
command_name        check_dnscluster
command_line        $USER1$/ -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -A $ARG1$ -s $ARG2$

define servicegroup
servicegroup_name    skole-tscluster-servicegroup
alias            Alle servere i tscluster

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